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Futuristic Flexible Windows Smartphone Has a Crystal Clear Body

Thursday, November 5th, 2015

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I can’t believe it that the following concept phone below is more than one year old. You can tell it’s that old, because it calls the OS on board Windows 9. Created by Kent Dechjun this model has a see through body and an extendable flexible screen.

Windows 9 smartphone flexible 1

This concept has a basic mode, that makes it look like a flip phone and an extended mode, that elongates the body. Interestingly the bottom part features a sort of rounded mechanism that helps a portion of the screen “roll over”. It remains to be seen if the crystal clear body is transparent all over or not. The designer claims that the smartphone is made of crystal clear high strength polymer.

Windows 9 smartphone flexible 2

This is also a durable material, not only a good looking one. I hope there’s a metal frame in the mix, otherwise this handset would be prone to a new Bendgate. I keep seeing flexible and transparent phones, but in real life, few device makers take such chances.

[via Coroflot]

Transparent Windows Phone Model Rendered by Phone Designer

Tuesday, March 17th, 2015

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Everybody knows him as “Phone Designer“, but his real name is Jonas Daehnert. He has created a wonderful series of concept phones, may of them nice looking Nokia models. The one below may just be the Lumia 940 or Lumia 1040, but right now it’s just an experiment with transparent surfaces.

Transparent Windows Phone concept 3

This model is a transparent Windows Phone device, that kind of makes sense, seeing how Windows 10 will play with transparency itself. The handset seems to be made of glass, a thick type of glass, one that covers up the sides of the phone and gets lit up using LED lighting. The upper and lower part of the phone will be dimly lit in the same hue as the tiles from the Windows Phone experience.

A glass phone would certainly feel fragile, if current advanced technology from Corning, Dragontrail or their rivals wouldn’t be so resilient. A big problem with glass is that it’s slippery when handled, but maybe there’s a way to change its texture somehow. Maybe some micro rubber particles “sprinkled” on top of the glass?

Transparent Windows Phone concept 2

Transparent Windows Phone concept 1

[via Phone Designer]

Project Aria Concept is so Much More Than Project Ara: Super Capacitors, Holograms and Transparency (Video)

Tuesday, February 24th, 2015

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Today we’re dealing with a concept called Project Aria, that’s so much more than Project Ara. It still features a modular aspect, but it also comes with holographic projection and other futuristic features.

Project Aria concept phone 1

The renders were created by 91mobiles.com and the device is supposed to be “eternally future-proof”. Project Aria comes with Android, a fully transparent screen, holographic projection, via 4 small projectors placed in the corners of the handset and modular interchangeable parts. There’s also a Lytro camera, that allows you to capture complete depths of field in images, so you can capture now and refocus later.

Project Aria concept phone 2

Specs are also crazy good, including a 5 inch UHD display with POLED panel, as well as an octa core 20 nm chip clocked at 3 GHz, a 64 bit unit by the way. There’s 4 GB of RAM included, up to 128 GB of storage, a 13 MP Lytro camera with OIS and 4K Video capture, plus 4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.1. An interesting feature, also detailed in the video below is the carbon-based super capacitor that offers 2 days of battery life with a 30 minute charge.

The designers also promise to integrate a vibration transducer speaker system, that turns any flat surface into a large speaker, enhancing the acoustics. The actual design involves a slab of glass and two main metal portions, with modular parts inserted like SD cards at the top and bottom of the glass pieces.

Project Aria concept phone 3

Project Aria concept phone 4

Project Aria concept phone 5

Project Aria concept phone 6

[via 91mobiles.com]

Transparent Phone and Tablet Get Rendered by Tran Nhat

Thursday, August 14th, 2014

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While perusing the interwebs in search for the next “big thing”, I came across the following concept of a transparent phone and transparent tablet created by Tran Nhat. The UI shown here is basically a sketch, in black and white and only demonstrates how a transparent device like this would work.

transparent phone tablet concept 1

First of all, the phone… it’s a glassy and glossy thing with an edge-free facade and a top and bottom black area, probably holding the components. While the phone can afford this approach, the tablet uses side edges, a top and bottom, where it most likely stores all components. Both the phone and tablet adopt formats that feel like the iPhone and iPad respectively. Transparency gives birth to a lot of applications and features, but a good idea would be to turn it off when need be.

It would be distracting to play a game with a transparent background, to be frank. The camera applications and augmented reality ones will look great on these devices, but what about the rest? The aesthetics are also nice, but in the end what’s all this about? What do we gain from transparency, aside from beauty? There’s also the use of glass to make it happen, that makes devices fragile, in spite of the Gorilla/Dragontrail advances.

transparent phone tablet concept 2

transparent phone tablet concept 3

transparent phone tablet concept 4

transparent phone tablet concept 5

transparent phone tablet concept 6

[via Flickr]

Primus is an Ubuntu Touch Smartphone render With Lots of Gloss

Saturday, December 7th, 2013

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Created by Naveen Kumarasinghe early this month, the Ubuntu Touch concept phone shown below is named Primus and it represents an interesting piece of gear. First of all, we seem to be dealing with a combo between metal and glass, perhaps even a transparent phone.

ubuntu touch concept phone primus

The designer of the device didn’t share any details, so we’ve got to speculate here. I’m pretty sure that the upper side of this Ubuntu Touch phone is made of metal and the lower side is transparent glass. The Primus also seems to be an edge to edge display device, which keeps up with the modern trends suggested by the LG G2 and the likes.

This handset feels rather short and “fat”, perhaps with a diagonal closer to 4.3 inches rather than 5. It’s also a bit more squared than your average smartphone and closer to a Lumia format, if you want. From what I can see, the Ubuntu Touch Primus unit is very slim and has an intuitive way of accessing the main apps from a list on the left of the screen.

From what I know this left edge allows you to access apps pinned to the launcher and if you swipe all the way across you can reveal the Home area, with apps, files and contacts. Multitasking is done by swiping the finger from the right edge to the left, switching to a previous app.

[via Naveen Kumarasinghe]

Fujitsu Brick Smartphone Concept Uses Transparent Display, Says it’s a PC

Monday, January 23rd, 2012

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There’s yet another transparent display phone concept out there, one imagined by Shaocheng Huang & Yuyin Huang and defined as simply a portable PC. I’ve seen such devices before and usually the transparency stuff serves for taking great pictures, using augmented reality or an improved GPS feature. Now let’s see what the Fujitsu Brick offers us this time…

This concept uses the transparent screen for magnifying purposes, text translation, video and photo capture plus… a projector feature. The Fujitsu device is an ultraslim one, it’s very sleek and supports instant translation from one language to another. The magnifier works perfectly and considering I don’t see any buttons here, I guess it’s all touchscreen and gestures. I don’t quite get how you can use this handset as a projector… maybe by amplifying a light source it will project a certain image or video on a surface.

If you add a decent CPU, camera and storage to this unit, it could become useful especially for students and business men, if you take into account its features. There’s one thing that I always wonder when seeing a transparent phone: does it really use a sheet of see through glass, or it just has the camera on all the time and shows what it captures behind the phone? I’ve seen both versions at work…

[via Yanko Design]

Transparent Dual Display Phone Comes With Augmented Reality Features and More

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

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Transparent phones are more than a fashion, they’re a thing of the future as one or two concepts have shown before. This time we have a dual display transparent handset on our hands, one created by Wenhing Chu & Kok Keong Wong and known as the Space 3.

The device uses two sliding transparent surfaces that attach to one another and form the smartphone. You can split them and still pair them most likely via wireless and this is very cool, since you get double the screen estate you’d normally benefit from. We must also mention that the screens have divided roles, as one is the Mother and the other one is the Lens.

You can shift from passive to active UI output and also you’ll interact via gestures with this handset if you want. Imagine the opportunities of the Lens screen: augmented reality: tons of photo taking options, great navigation services and landmark positioning on the map, augmented gaming and social networking. Incredible!

[via Yanko Design]

Mobiado Aston Martin Prototype is a Transparent Phone

Friday, March 25th, 2011

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Here’s an official concept phone this time, one created by Aston Martin and Mobiado, the famous luxury gadget designer. What you can see below is a transparent phone running Android and these are all renders, right now. Dubbed the CTP002, this phone is a big sapphire glass surface with titanium edges.

The glass is in fact a capacitive touchscreen and Mobiado hopes to also implement a SIM card slot, a chipset and a battery on this gizmo. Mobiado CTP022 is supposed to connect to the car and its display, with the latter showing a map of local venues and friends from the Foursquare network. Turns out that the camera in your car can snap a photo and post it on Facebook letting everyone know you own an Aston Martin.

This is all daydreaming if you ask me, but the concept of the device will be shown at BaselWorld in Switzerland, so feel free to drop by, if interested.

[via GSMArena]

Thru, “Lucent” Transparent Phone Design, by Mac Funamizu

Saturday, January 22nd, 2011

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Whenever you say Mac Funamizu, we get ready for a glossy and futuristic concept, like the transparent phone pictured below. Known as the Thru Phone, this device uses two sliding parts, one as the main touchscreen and the other as the virtual keyboard, but we’re sure it’s also able to serve as a secondary display.

What’s really incredible about this see-through phone design is the fact that each and every action performed by the Thru Phone becomes a game. For example, when you get an email notification, fireworks will appear on screen, while the phone placed near a pen and some other objects on your desk will turn them into an on-screen animation.

You’ll see little goblins pulling a piece of paper, or a spaceship attacking your pencils, brushes, books… This is augmented reality taken to a new level and if this baby can fill a classroom with annoying pupils when everyone’s outside, it’ll be a ton of fun to mess with. Great work!

[via petitinvetion]

Transparent Phone Based on AMOLED and E-Ink Technologies is Ideal for Forgetful Users

Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

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Are you the type who forgets to charge a cellphone? Then the Second Life Mobile Phone concept is for you! Created by Cho Sinhyung and Jeon Jungjae, this device uses an AMOLED screen, that’s powered up when the handset has plenty of battery and switches to E-ink screen technology when standby mode kicks in.

Also we’re dealing with a transparent phone, with a degree of transparency that’s influenced by the battery level of the device. This means that the display will get more transparent as you run out of battery. This is a great way to remember to recharge the handset, if you’re the forgetful kind.

As far as the Second Life Phone design is concerned, it looks pretty nifty, since it’s very slim and reminds me of a piece of glass with minuscule hardware components inside. Also, the Home button has got to the coolest of its kind we’ve seen. Great job!

[Yanko Design via Dvice]

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