Month: February 2008

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Recap Time for Nokia N96 Concepts

The phone of the month is, for me Nokia’s best news at Mobile World Congress 2008, the N96. Wouldn’t you like to know how everyone assumed it would look like before it was shown? Here are some ideas: [youtube:]

Mimique Concept, Designed by RKS

This conceptual device, created by RKS Design is great looking and slim enough to catch a trendsetter’s eye. Notice that iPhone-ish interface on its touchscreen? The tiny antenna is old-school (in a good way), while the phone’s shape reminds me of a walkie talkie. Hmm, is it just me or

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Gamer Phone Inspires LG’s Design Team

While Sony and Samsung are showing us concepts and patents of their future gaming phones, Nokia’s still perfecting that N-GAGE platform and seemingly there’s no other competitor in this console/handset niche. Thank God for concepts, then! What you can see below is Gamer Phone, designed by RKS Design in order

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LG Recall, a Curved Concept Phone

Io Design sees the future of LG Electronics’ mobile phones taking the shape of the device pictured below. The Recall concept features a flexible hinge, and OLED display and a curved profile that can make any Motorola phone jealous. This slim device uses an uncoventional hinge, staying open after being

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