Month: February 2008

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Concept Toaster Phone is Half Baked

After seeing the movie “Juno” and that famous Cheeseburger Phone, someone must have thought that a toaster phone would be more than fit to please the fans of the previously mentioned device. That “someone” is designer Renata Quintela, the creator of the handset below. The toaster phone is a concept

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Mitsumi Makes You Go Haptic

Ever wanted to control your cellphone with one hand only? Ever tried doing that and ended up writing poor text messages? Thought so. Mitsumi now has a sollution for you, materialized in the haptic input device you can see in the following image. This device will be placed on the

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SaY Mobile Phone is One Funky Fresh Concept

Bluemapdesign introduces a pretty good-looking concept phone, named SaY and it’s (according to the designers) a mobile phone that “expresses an open-minded attitude”. Well, open your mind to this cool-coloured handset below: The SaY concept features a rubberized body plus glossy keypad and a 4 megapixel camera. It’s also got

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