Month: March 2008

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Nokia E52, Fakey Fakey Phone

Strangely enough this phone is considered by most people a real handset, upon checking it out, instead of the concept it is. Truth be told it’s a great concept design and it almost managed to convince me that it’s E51’s successor. However, there’s something fishy about this pic and it

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Nokia N99 Concept Phone Is Back in Black

After the N98, the N88, the Nokia 101 and the Helsinki concept phone comes this bad, black handset, the Nokia N99 concept. It’s a mean, mean calling/texting/video recording machine featuring an 8 megapixel camera, 16GB internal memory, a 3.2″ display and GPS. How about that D-pad? Was it designed with

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2 Helio Concepts as Ocean Follow-ups

While the first Helio concept is decent enough to make it into a real handset, the second one sure is worth the “what were they thinking?” tag. I mean, come on, an entire sliding QWERTY keyboard is nice, but a tiny sliding keypad that only features number keys is quite

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iPhone Nano, Landscape “Phat”

This conceptual design is by default a landscape device. Just look at the placement of its home button and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Of course it can be used a normal iPhone, but that leaves an extra piece of the device’s body “hanging” on the side. Hmm, if

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