Month: May 2008

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Glovephone, Ugliest Design Ever!

The Glovephone is only a concept for now (Yay!) and it must be the ugliest piece of gadgetry I’ve seen lately. It connects via Bluetooth to your headset and can be used in extreme conditions. I guess that if you find yourself stranded at the end of the world design

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3G iPhone Is Curved and White Again

Wow! Check out that 3G iPhone…again?! It’s probably the fifth time I’m seeing the “real” deal handset, so I won’t believe any picture till I see the genuine launch date edition of the device. The iPhone 2.0 is yet again “plasticky” and curved, making rumour for a bigger battery in

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BlackBerry Kickstart – Baby Got Black

After checking out the BlackBerry Bold and wishful thinking about the Thunder 9500, it’s BlackBerry Kickstart’s turn to surface, in black. It’s RIM’s first attempt at designing a clamshell, but a terrible idea of incorporating a QWERTY keypad if you ask me. It seems like a real handset, for now,

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