Month: March 2009

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HP Mscape Takes Handheld Gaming to a New Level

While looking for brand new portable concept devices, that have become rather scarce lately, I stumbled upon a great HP prototype, the Mscape, an “augmented reality gaming handheld”. This gaming system allows the user to integrate gaming and interactive gameplay elements into real life, as if the whole world was

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E-Pod Is the iPhone Dock Concept

Aside from concept phones and other portable devices, we sometimes take some time to check out concept accessories, like this iPod/iPhone dock. The E-Pod is a Eun Seok Huh creation and plays the part of a speaker, movie projector, alarm clock and… obviously a dock. The device is the size

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Xperia X3 Mockup Looks Genuine

You could have sworn that Esato user tob!s has shown the world a genuine magazine displaying the brand new Xperia X3 handset, although the X2 is nowhere to be found, yet. The Sony Ericsson XPERIA series will surely include more devices and if the second or third one looks anything

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