Month: February 2011

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Dell NXG Smartphone Runs Meego

Considering that Nokia is all about Microsoft and Windows Phone 7 these days, why not leave MeeGo to other companies. An example would be Dell, that makes good use of the platform, but only on this concept phone, created by Esato board member sonyfanboy. This is the Dell NXG, a

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HTC Legend 2 is a Big “Entertainer”

The creator of the HTC Legend 2 concept claims that this device is a “big entertainer”, meaning that it’s a great multimedia playing device. Its specifications are pretty impressive, too: dual core 800 MHz CPU and an 8 megapixel camera. This is actually better than some phones shown at Mobile

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iPhone Nano Mockups: Part 4

Keep looking for more iPhone nano mockups on our site and here’s a new one, in case you want fresh meat. This one belongs to Dorian, who claims that the new iPhone nano will be totally covered by the screen and lack buttons. The single buttonon it will the top

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