Month: February 2015

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iPad Pro Design Envisioned by Jason Chen

Apple has confirmed an event taking place on March 9th, probably meant to debut the Apple Watch, but there’s always a chance we may see other goodies in San Francisco. Those include an iPad Pro tablet, the 12 incher we’ve been heard about in rumors for a long while now.

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Project Aria Concept is so Much More Than Project Ara: Super Capacitors, Holograms and Transparency (Video)

Today we’re dealing with a concept called Project Aria, that’s so much more than Project Ara. It still features a modular aspect, but it also comes with holographic projection and other futuristic features. The renders were created by and the device is supposed to be “eternally future-proof”. Project Aria

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iPhone Square is a Brilliant Teen Phone

A few companies, such as Motorola and Nokia have launched square phones meant to be cool for teens over the years, but what about Apple? While they won’t be doing that soon, we can still dream and enjoy concepts. Enter Chike Newman, from London, who designed the iPhone Square. The

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HTC One M9 With Windows 10 In the House!

Jonas Daehnert aka Phone Designer may have designed a stunning HTC One M9, but he didn’t forget its Windows Phone version. Judging by the predecessor, this unit may end up being called HTC One M9 with Windows 10. Anyway, it keeps the slim allure, big front camera and pill shaped

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