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What Were the First Cell Phones like?

Many of us love our cell phones so much we rarely put them down. But that’s due to the world of things that we can do with these little devices. New designs are coming up every day and changing how we interact with these phones. But have you ever wondered

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The Best Video Converters for Your Phone

Today videos are present in our life more than ever. It’s a great source of information, entertainment and it shapes our memory about important moments. Because of that many users have started to use their phones as a video camera. Because even the latest devices have limited storage capacity it

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Cryptocurrency Casinos in Mobile Devices

Smartphones are becoming more and more convenient every year. With their help, people get access to services that were previously only available on a computer or laptop. This applies not only to the usual instant messengers or working with photos, music, or watching video content. This applies more and more

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Top 10 most-watched sports in the world

Photo Source: Unsplash Sport is a huge pastime around the world and is engaged in by literally billions of people worldwide, be it via playing or spectating. There are so many interesting and exciting sports that exist around the globe, however, a select few truly have international appeal.  This article

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