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iPhone Nano Mockups: Part 4

Keep looking for more iPhone nano mockups on our site and here’s a new one, in case you want fresh meat. This one belongs to Dorian, who claims that the new iPhone nano will be totally covered by the screen and lack buttons. The single buttonon it will the top

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iPhone Nano Mockups Start Popping Up: Part 2

The 9to5mac series of iPhone nano conceptual renderings continues with an image posted by commenter Jeremy (aka rade/eccles). As you can see, the idea of a full touchscreen without edges or borders is adopted. The display is pretty crisp and there doesn’t seem to be a change in resolution. What

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iPhone Nano Mockups Start Popping Up: Part 1

Well, isn’t that sweet? We’ve just found an interesting article on referring to the future and smaller iPhone. While the iPhone 5 is supposed to sport a 4 inch display, Apple might also launch that mythical iPhone nano. This generated some mockups on the site we just mentioned. Supposedly,

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