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Squibble Braille Interface Eases Visually Impaired Interaction With Mobile Phones

Andrew Mitchell’s Squibble concept is a portable communication device, sporting a Braille interface, that will aid visually impaired or blind users interaction with the handset. The gadget provides tactile, audio and high contrast visual feedback. This portable device supports Bluetooth connectivity, it allows personal interaction and it comes with an

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iPhone For the Visually Impaired

Yes, it’s true, the iPhone is a charming gadget, but it doesn’t do any good to visually impaired users. Thankfully, Bruno Fosi designed a Silicon Touch iPhone case that works with a special app and delivers all the functions needed for people with visual impairments.   Text to speech and

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How to choose online games for yourself?

Many people enjoy playing online games. Choosing the best game can be a fun way to pass the time. But with so many games to choose from, how do you pick the right one? This article looks at some factors to consider: genre, price, and accessibility. Ultimately, you need to

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6 Technological Trends That Emerge on Campuses These Days

Technology has influenced every aspect of our educational system. It is evident in many aspects of education such as: streamlined admission process; shift to online learning; digital management of learning materials, etc. Higher education has been swiftly catching up with the digital world. Today’s learning experiences in colleges and universities

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