5 inch iPhone 6 Features Edge to Edge Screen, iTouch Gestures

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Rendered by Fabrizio Bianchi from Rome, Italy, the iPhone 6 edgeless concept involves some interesting gestures that are meant to replace the Home button. As you can see, instead of the Home button we’ve now got an Apple logo and in that area you can use certain touch gestures.

iPhone 6 edge to edge 5

The iPhone 6 Edgeless Retina Display unit has no physical buttons, so all you need to do is tap. The device uses an unibody aluminum shell and involves side speakers, a pair at the bottom and one at the top. When I say “side speakers” I’m referring to the landscape experience of the device obviously.

As far as the iTouch gestures are concerned, you need to tap for Home, hold for Siri and double tap to multitask. You can swipe to control volume, tap left to lock and hold left to turn off. Finally, you can tap, hold and double tap right for multiple functions. It sounds almost like Konami code to me, but I’ll guess we’ll made due.

Are we ready for a gesture-based 5 inch iPhone?

[via Behance]

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