Apple Black Hole Concept, the iPhone of 2020?

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Designer Josselin Zaïgouche, who created the Zero Phone we’ve shown you half an year ago has now sent us an incredible design, the Apple Black Hole concept, possibly the iPhone of the year 2020. “What’s going to happen in 10 years” asks the designer and the answer should look something like this (click on images to enlarge):


As you can see, the Apple Black Hole comprises 4 components: the charging base, the Prism, the Black Hole and the giftbox. Things get interesting when you try to use the handset… its central ball will levitate when you open your hand and all functions will be controlled in mid-air, with the aid of holographic technology. How cool is that?

The Black Hole concept phone can be connected to the charging base and used as a desktop device, still projecting the needed interface. Brilliant? Yes! Viable? Maybe…



[Thanks Josselin for sending this in]

  • owen

    well it’s 2016 and it’s been six years i hope it does come out eventually but it would be really expensive if it took ten years to make and what is it with all the iphone why do more and more keep coming out i mean like two years or three years ago the iphone 4/4s just came out now there are seven new iphones since then and only last year i got my 4s. i think apple should slow down let people save up the money to buy them first.

  • Aadil

    I like it. Please make it

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