Apple Flip Phone iFlip Will Probably Remain a Design Forever

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Bob Freking had another original idea: creating an Apple flip phone called iFlip. Odds are that Apple won’t create something like this ever, but one can dream, right? Bob says that Apple has changed its logo and has a slogan that goes something like “back to the future”, so they may go to the flip phone era. Ever wanted a clamshell iPhone? Here it is:

If you remember in the early 2000s flip phones were all the rage, with models like the Razr being extremely hot. The iFlip will possibly also have a WiFi only version, the iPod Touch flip (or something like it) and it will come with a Notification Panel at the front and the same 8 megapixel iSight camera from the iPhone 4S. The top screen is a 4 inch Retina one, while the lower display is a 3.5 incher, so it keeps today’s format, adopting the 3GS resolution.

Quick access to apps and Siri are also available here and the Home button is kept as well. All of these are interesting ideas and I’m sure that if you could dig into the Cupertino archives you’d find such prototypes of dual display iPhone flip phones, that never made it to production. Do you fancy flip phones in 2012? From what I know they’re big in Japan, where everyone loves his/her “keitai”.

[Thanks Bob Freking]

  • Piya

    This phone needs to be created. Flip phones are already so very stylish – and a flip model which is actually an iphone will just be perfect!

  • Pg

    I’ve tried to use my new iPhone 5 for months but find it very difficult to hold while making a PHONE CALL, I use cellular phones to TALK on, not email or play apps or surf the web or take videos…Plus the iPhone is like talking to a thin flat glass plate, it gets hot and the battery goes dead in 8 hours!! I want my older Motorola i686 Flip phone back, it’s so much easier to hold and use while driving plus the battery lasts for days, those iPhones and nothing more than an iPad sub-mini that you can also use to make phone calls. Note to Apple, people like flip phones for a reason, trust me, if you build it they will buy it.

  • Ice Cream

    Yea Keep Making This Please….. !!!!

  • Margaret

    Apple please,please build a flip phone.

  • Manny Costa

    I wish the apple flip phone came to stores I wood by one any prize

  • Anonymous

    Yes plz make the iflip will buy for my kids

  • Jessi

    I have said forever that I want to go back to a flip phone but it would have to be a smart phone. Please make this. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Olivia

    I am 40, female, and work in high tech. I currently have an iPhone, before that a myriad of blackberries. I’ve tried my best over the yrs to acclimatize myself to the tablet-format smart phone thing but it’s sort of against my will. Really miss the flip phone format (something very unbecoming about having to ever-so-delicately press a button to disconnect a call, as opposed to just succinctly flipping something shut) and know there is a way that this style could be brought back in an attractive, profitable way. I’m sure that if Apple dove in and actually developed this mythical prototype, it would be HUGE. Personally I think it’d be the coolest thing ever – a chubby white MacBook in flip-phone format…touch screen, physical keyboard… And think of how many ppl would snap it up just for battery life alone!

  • Noinee

    Hi guys I called iphone manufacture company to tell them that they need to make a slider and flip phone like everyone else. I’ll stick to them forever just imagine if flip phone comes back as an iphone and slider they’ll be so rich.

  • Cynthia

    I so love the flip phones that I use the old Samsung .. It is small, fits in my pocket and most of all it is durable !!! I can not use a big open screen phone here on the ranch and to buy an even LARGER protective case is just silly So No thinks to the open screen phones