Apple HomeTV is Basically a HomePod With a Screen (Concept)

Antonio de Rosa is cranking out Apple concept after Apple concept, this time offering a new take on the Apple HomePod speaker. The device now even gets a screen, much like the Amazon Echo Show devices and the latest Google Nest, not to mention Facebook Portal. Let’s check out the Apple HomeTV.

It all started with a Bloomberg report, claiming that Apple was working on new speakers with screens and cameras. The HomePod was received with a lukewarm response, so Apple can definitely do better. Antonio de Rosa shows us the pple HomeTV, a oval shaped device with a screen upfront, dual cameras and a badass remote that feels like an iPod of sorts. It has an Ethernet port at the back, a HDMI and USB, while upfront there’s an oval screen. The mesh design is here to stay.

The device can also work like an Apple TV and deliver TV shows, music and movies, plus games to your large TV set. It could also be a hub for all things smart home, controlling security cameras, thermostats and much more. I do feel that the screen shape and format makes it not very friendly for people who want to watch a podcast or video recipe on the go. It should be rectangular and bigger. Maybe a projector would be a good idea? The dual video cam for FaceTime is definitely a good idea.

via ADR Studio

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