Apple iPhone X Plus Concept Keeps Notch, Adds New Hues (Video)

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Concept Creator is back with a new Apple iPhone X Plus concept, this time a device that keeps the notch, but adds new color hues and slight aesthetic tweaks. The designer also started using a new software for his renders and the result can be seen below.

First of all the notch is here to stay, being present on the forehead of the device, upfront. To me it seems even bigger than on the iPhone X and the sensors are more visible now. I see the stainless steel frame is still here, perhaps with extra metal rings on the sides. Obviously, as the name says, we get a bigger diagonal, bigger battery and bigger overall format.

The back dual camera still protrudes and we also get a glass back, which means that wireless charging is still in the mix. A bump in resolution wouldn’t hurt, for both the screen and cameras, but I doubt that will happen. Basically, the biggest novelty here, aside from the diagonal bump is the fact that we get a brand new gold hue. Not the classic gold, but rather a sparkly champagne bottle gold.

An Apple A12 CPU may also be inside.

[via Concept Creator]

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