Apple iRis Robot is the Perfect Rival for BB-8, Inspired by Apple’s iMac (Video)

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Before you start dreaming of the Apple iCar, learn that you can get your fix of Apple novelty via the little robot below. It’s called Apple iRis and serves as a cute companion, in the vein of Star Wars’ BB-8, but better.

Apple iRis robot concept (1)

Inspired by Apple’s iMac, this is the creation of Curved/Labs and its name is Siri in reverse for a purpose. It’s a little helper, just like Siri and probably powered by it. The core inspiration of the design with its trademark circular base is clearly the iMac G4. That one was an Apple desktop computer with a hemisphere that contained the processor and an LCD display mounted on an adjustable arm.

Apple iRis robot concept (2)

iRis relies on a full globe, that integrates another rubber globe. The inner sphere can be moved in all directions, like a mouse trackball and it lets the robot move around like the Star Wars BB-8. The creature is able to scan its surroundings by using its front camera and send a live stream of it, thus working as mobile security camera.

It also brings a built in laser pointer, so it’s an ideal toy for cats. On board we also find two powerful Beats speakers, a vacuum cleaner and of course Siri, but in a version that rivals Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The price would probably be $1000 knowing Apple like we do…

Apple iRis robot concept (3)

Apple iRis robot concept (4)

Apple iRis robot concept (5)

Apple iRis robot concept (6)

Apple iRis robot concept (7)

Apple iRis robot concept (8)


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