New Apple Netbook Concept is Promising, 2009ish Enough?

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Apple has something hot ready for this summer, that’s for sure, but will the rumoured netbook manage to impress us and challenge the Eee PCs to a duel? Till the time of its launch, we have a look at the Apple netbook concept below, created by Wendy Lui, from the Retrevo team.


Turns out that this futuristic netbook will feature a gestured-based touchpad, a neat camera, a GPS, an accelerometer, stereo speakers and even a 3.5mm jack. Now, let’s guess the size of the display… Classic 10 inch? Less? Touchscreen, anyone?




[via Tuvie]

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  • CoX

    We need thousands for our University as far as it is light (300 to 400 g or less), pocketable and has VGA video-out and the full Mac OS X inside (not just the limited OS X of iPhone and iPod touch). NOT to work on it, but for presentations from NATIVE Keynote and PowerPoint presentations. Because even the MacBook Air is too large and heavy for us. Can Apple deliver?