Apple Tablet Concept Looks Surreal – Magic Slate, the Right Name?

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Guess what we received on our email address a couple of days ago? Yes, you’ve got it, a brand new Apple Tablet concept and this time it’s dubbed both the iSlate and Magic Slate, so you can pick the name you like. The man behind this brilliant design is Rodolphe Desmare, who we thank and give thumbs up for his ideas.


The Magic Slate/iSlate looks like a full touchscreen device, incredibly thin and compatible with the famous iPhone apps, that’ll probably be reformatted for it. We’re really curious if the display is a 7 inch or a 10 inch screen, as the latest online speculations have claimed…

This might just be the very last concept we see before the real Apple Tablet gets launched. In case you forgot, Apple has an official event scheduled on January 26th (some say 27th), so we’ve got 20 more days of doubt and mystery.





[Thanks Rodolphe]