Apple TV Set Now Features a Brand New UI

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Remember Martin Hajek’s Apple iTV concept? Well, he now integrated an user interface within it, inspired by the work of Andrew Ambrosino, who has his own Apple TV concept here. The idea is to take iOS 7 to the big screen and not just scale the experience, but rather adapt it to a bigger diagonal.

Apple TV UI concept 1

Interestingly enough the simple elements of the iOS 7 UI manage to look hot on a 46 inch screen. Minimalism is key and as you can see, there’s a set of icons at the bottom of the screen, highlighting the choice of apps and services you can use. In the background you can see a mega cover of the show or even some scenes and there‚Äôs also a small iMessage popping up discretely on the side when watching the movie.

There’s Siri to guide you through the whole thing and the curved Apple smart TV with this UI in tow looks superb. I also expect a kickass webcam to be integrated, with full on Facetime support and even some cool gaming features and maybe a way to make the Game Center look cooler in this high resolution.

[via Martin Hajek and Andrew Ambrosino]

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