Apple Watch 2 Concept Envisioned by Hass T

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Although the Apple Watch is barely now being preordered, some people are already dreaming about version 2.0 of the device. Thus, it’s no wonder we’ve started seeing concepts of a so called Apple Watch 2, imagined by Hass T.

apple iwatch 2 concept 1

This model has a an old school look, but not old school like 1920, but more like the 1800s or 1700s. It’s like the watches that gentlemen held in their chest pockets, somehow. The design seems slimmer, certainly more rounded than the first Apple Watch and the strap is all metal, with nice patterns. The UI is still based on a cloud of circular icons, like the first model.

We get a Home button with fingerprint scanner at the bottom of the round screen and a very crisp display, with the icons that feel like floating above the screen. The only thing I don’t like here is the sheer size of the round body, that feels maybe a bit too big compared to the strap. It would be interesting if the designer actually showed this gadget on a wrist for size sake.

apple iwatch 2 concept 2

apple iwatch 2 concept 3

apple iwatch 2 concept 4

apple iwatch 2 concept 5

[via Hass T]

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