Ben Geskin Gives Us His Two Cents On the iPhone XI

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Remember the iPhone XI? I’m surprised it didn’t become more viral, as it clearly shows that Apple doesn’t care what we think about it and if we think it copies the Huawei Mate 20 Pro or not. Designer Ben Geskin now gives us his two cents on this design.

He completes the recently leaked iPhone XI with some colors and a notch upfront. We see three main finishes, a sort of beige, white-gray and light black. The camera is now square, has the sensors arranged in a triangle and a LED flash to complete it. I expected a teardrop notch here, but a large one could do. I feel that Apple needs to cut bezels as much as possible and also cut the notch.

They must’ve miniaturized the Face ID/TrueDepth mechanism just yet. Seeing how big the back camera is and how much space it takes, it’s very likely to be obstructed by your fingers, so expect plenty of that. Overall, not a huge surprise and actually a bit of a bummer. I’m very curious what the third camera Apple adds will do.

[via Ben Geskin]

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