Dual Folding iPhone Z by Caviar is All About that Fashion (Video)

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I have to say that Caviar is probably the least expected brand to come up with an iPhone concept. They usually make or tune up phones, that are covered in gold, platinum and diamonds. This time they came up with an iPhone Z concept, that’s fashionable and dual folding.

The iPhone Z is a dual folding luxurious handset, that can fold twice and it features a triple camera. It also has 90 diamonds hidden inside its housing. When opened up, the device has a 10.4 inch flexible display, that can be folded up twice. Apple isn’t very sure it’s entering the foldable game and they may do that later on, maybe in 2021 or so.

We see the iPhone Z propped up in a sort of “stand/projection” mode, ideal for watching videos. The iPhone Z also comes with a selfie mode, a tablet mode, laptop mode and the screen mode. The selfie mode lets you focus on the triple camera in order to take selfies, while the tablet mode provides the maximum screen opening and a resolution of 3876 x 2758 pixels.

The laptop mode splits the device in two, with one part being keyboard and the other the screen. The screen used here is a bezel-less Super Retina HD and the aspect ratio has been made optimal for devices pertaining to this form factor. Caviar’s concept includes a front camera with Face ID dot projector, and a main camera, that includes 3 sensors, all of them 15 megapixel units.

There’s a wide angle camera, ultra wide angle camera and a telephoto camera. This time the fingerprint scanner is back and Touch ID has been integrated in the screen. Face ID also keeps on being used. Caviar estimates the device at around $3261 or so.

[via Letsgodigital]

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