Foldable iPhone Gets Rendered in Clamshell Format

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Over the past days we’ve seen a bunch of Apple patents showing up, related to foldable phones. Now the very same patents have been turned into renders, by This is definitely no Royole FlexPai or Samsung Galaxy Fold, that’s for sure.

The product shown here flexes down the mid section and it shows a vertical format. It’s closer to a Moto RAZR 2019 than anything else. It still manages to stay slim and look metallic at the same time. The problem is that the device looks very fragile, if you ask me. It’s also very slim, so the hinge area must be really badass and flexible to hold things together.

The device has a singular front camera and a dual back camera, plus it shows off a clamshell format. We never see it fully closed, since it seems rather intended to be closed with the screens facing outward. The designer claims that it’ll provide a “Stand” mode in which two persons can use the handset: one for YouTube, one for email for example.

Well, at least the bezels are narrow enough and the UI doesn’t seem changed. I expect a different format for the real iPhone foldable in 2020 though… Maybe closer to a tablet/book format.


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