iNano, the Smaller iPhone With Keyboard?

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With all the recent talk about Apple making a smaller and cheaper iPhone, we can now show you a concept fit for this idea. Enter the iNano, created by Long-Nong Huang and also known as the iPhone 4K. K stands for keyboard, that’s present as the sliding part on this device.

This smaller iPhone is a dumbed down version of the latest Apple handsets, with a 800 MHz CPU, 3.2 inch Retina Display with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution and a 5MP camera. Will the Cupertino giant produce something like this or skip to iPhone 5?

  • asherpat

    If Apple will ever bring any such design, the screen will be equidistant from either top or bottom, making it simmetrical when holding in landscape mode.

    Apple is the only company that notices how important this elemnt of design is (Nokia too, but its implementation is not perfect), with the other players just stick the screen as if it was random.

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