iPad 3 Blue Mockup Sure Looks Sexy With a 3D Display

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Who’d have thought that the iPad 3 would have a 3D display? And what about that Apple A6 quad core processor? These are all speculations, met under the shell of the following mockup: the blue iPad 3. I have no idea who created it, so please step up and claim your creation!

As far as this model is concerned, this design adopts the recent iPhone 5 speculations, so we’re dealing with an iPad with edge to edge display and lacking a Home button. Instead, we get 3D apps, a very thin chassis and supposedly an AMOLED screen. Let’s see Samsung supplying those after the conflict with Apple…

Will this iPad 3D come this Fall? I wouldn’t mind seeing it on the market in March 2012 as well, but who knows what the Cupertino giant lead by Steve Jobs is up to…

[via iPhone-concepts]