iPad 3 With Retina Display Gets a New Mockup

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Even if you call it the iPad 2 Plus or the iPad 2 HD, the third gen iPad will most likely bring a display change. According to the latest leaks and the mockup below, the iPad 3 will sport a Retina Display, surpassing every rival when it comes to pixel density.

This mockup was done by Guilherme Schasiepen, the same guy behind this iPhone 5 mockup. We’re dealing with a tablet that’s 0.29 inch thick, features a 5 megapixel camera with full HD video capture, LED flash and a curved glass back. Upfront there’s a Facetime HD camera, ideal for making videocalls.

Maybe we’ll also get more RAM, more storage and a slight CPU bump on the new Apple slate.

[via iphone concepts]