iPad 5 Rendered by Martin Hajek, Inspired by iPad Mini

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Martin Hajek, the designer that created stunning iPad Mini and BlackBerry Z10 concepts is back, this time with an iPad 5 render. You can check out Martin’s works by clicking on his name in this sentence or feel free to check out his site in the Source link below.


As far as the design of the iPad 5 is concerned, you can see that we’re dealing with a 9.7 inch slate that abandons the slope of the previous iPads, uses a Lightning port and the new minimalistic speaker setup at the bottom, with bigger holes than the previous iPads. The bezels of the screen are smaller and the overall profile of the device is tinier.

The iPad 5 offers a smaller width, height and thickness, with the latter being achieved through a thinner display panel, that could come from Sharp, LG or Samsung. The iPad Mini is clearly the inspiration here and even the buttons are more minimalistic now (look at the volume buttons).

[via Martin Hajek]