iPad Air 3 Just Got Rendered and No, It’s Not the iPad Pro 9.7 (Video)

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We were expecting the iPad Air 3 to drop this spring, but in the end we got the iPad Pro 9.7, not that there’s anything wrong with that. Anyway, today we stumbled upon the iPad Air 3 concept shown below, which is detailed in the video at the end of the article.

iPad Air 3 concept design (1)

Created by Geert van Uffelen, this tablet concept packs a 9.7 inch Retina display with 3D Touch support and this time there’s also a water and dust proof body in the mix. The Apple Pencil makes the cut, as well as a new and improved Apple A10 processor and 4 speakers. This situation feels very much like the iPad Mini 3 that followed the iPad Mini 2: too few selling points.

Yes, it’s a good looking tablet… yes, it’s well specced and reliable. But the market is saturated with such devices, people are looking at buying two in one models a Smart connector and some accessories won’t be enough to replace them. Owners of an iPad Air 2 for example may not feel tempted to make the switch just yet…

iPad Air 3 concept design (2)

iPad Air 3 concept design (3)

iPad Air 3 concept design (4)

iPad Air 3 concept design (5)

[via ConceptsiPhone]

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