iPad Mini Mockup by Martin Hajek Looks Fantastic

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There’s something in the air and that’s fresh Apple product scent, meaning the iPad Mini. Rumored a lot, leaked a lot and almost here, the device just got a mockup created by a Gizmodo reader. Martin Hajek designed a beautiful iPad Mini mockup, that fits all the leaks so far. He included a Lightning port and some comparisons with the bigger iPad and iPhone.

The device looks elegant and has some pretty rounded corners and two stereo speakers that should sound great. So, what we have here is a 7.85 inch tablet with Apple branding and anodized aluminum back in different colors, like the iPod Touch. It would be interesting to see brightly colored iPads this time around, differentiating them from the bigger main series models. The color choice would also help Apple sell more to people looking for playful colours, not only black or white.

The iSight camera is discretely integrated and if I were to speculate, I’d say this iPad Mini comes with a 5 megapixel camera, Apple A6 processor, Retina Display resolution, 16, 32 or 64 GB of storage, 1 GB of RAM and it will have a LTE version. iOS 6.0 is available from the get go, plus some new feature or app to lure customers into loving this gizmo more. Maybe a special game or special application for making music or e-reading? A special magazine-based service or social networking app? We’ll see… Till then, good job Martin!

[Via Gizmodo and Martin Hajek on Flickr]