iPad Pro 2 Concept Released by Mesut G Designs (Video)

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The iPad Pro isn’t even in stores yet and already there’s an iPad Pro 2 out there, obviously in concept form. Created by Mesut G Designs, the device is shown below, in both video and pictures.

ipad pro 2 concept 1

The question is: what can you improve on the iPad Pro? Well, for starters the device is landscape-oriented, much slimmer and it comes with an unibody metal chassis, as expected. It feels much more like a MacBook lid than the first iPad Pro. We’ve got two pairs of side speakers and a solid camera at the back, plus a powerful front camera. The screen’s bezels are now much smaller, almost an edge to edge approach here.

ipad pro 2 concept 2

The corners are rounded and I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple made this a 4K device, seeing how there are already a few 4K slates out there. If you ask me, the key to making the iPad Pro a hit would be new and improved accessories.

ipad pro 2 concept 3

[via Mesut G Designs]

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