iPad Pro Concept is a 4K Tablet With Edge to Edge Display

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We have had no shortage of iPad Pro concepts here and usually they’re larger versions of the iPad Air. There’s a new design appearing on the web today, courtesy of Curved.de. Their design keeps the basic format of the iPad Air, but also slims down the bezels.

ipad pro concept 3

This model seems to have a ring around the Home button, so it probably has TouchID in the mix as well. The iPad Pro will be to users what the MacBook Pro is for them, a tool for professional users. The bigger 12 inch iPad will keep the design close to its predecessors, with curved corners and flat back. The speakers are placed at the bottom, flanking the Lightning port and we’ve got a 12.9 inch 4K display upfront.

ipad pro concept 1

The actual resolution is 3072 x 2304 pixels and the screen uses LED backlight and IPS technology. The iPad Pro measures 7.5 mm in thickness, the same as the iPad Air and it integrates the brand new Apple A8 64 bit processor. There will be dedicated apps marked with the a Pro in the App Store specifically tailored for this model.

What do you think about it?

ipad pro concept 2

ipad pro concept 4

ipad pro concept 5

ipad pro concept 6

[via Curved.de]

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