iPad Pro New Render Features 11 Inch Display, Multiscreen Multitasking and Wireless Charging (Video)

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After so many leaks of the iPhone 6 and iPad Air 2, we’ve basically forgotten about the iPad Pro, real or not. Today we get back to that device, thanks to a render created by Vishal Bhanushali. He envisions the iPad Pro as an 11 inch Retina Display model, with iOS 8 with special Pro features.

ipad pro concept august 2014 1

The iPad Pro shown here has a special Cover that shows you the important notifications and information without having to open it, much like the Dot View from HTC, but without the pixelation. This tablet concept features a 11.3 inch display with a 2700 x 2025 pixel resolution, iOS 8 in a Pro version with special business/productivity features. The tablet is a bit wider than your usual iPad and it comes with multiscreen features, allowing you to divide the screen in two and work with two apps at the same time.

ipad pro concept august 2014 2

There’s also an Air Dock shown in the video below, a wireless charging station for the iPad Pro, that removes the need for wires. With all of these goodies and probably solid hardware, including 2 or 3 GB of RAM, a 64 bit CPU and more, is the iPad Pro ready to replace a MacBook?

ipad pro concept august 2014 3

[via Vishal Bhanushali]

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