iPhone 11 Concept is Bezel Less and Curved, Ditches Camera Bump (Video)

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One of the main complaints regarding the iPhone X is the back camera bump, that’s too big and ugly for such a popular and let’s say pretty phone. Then there’s the notch upfront… Both of these issues are solved by designer Gurpreet Singh, who basically just cuts them off on the iPhone 11.

I have to say that I find the logo at the back to be a bit too big compared to the usual Apple ones. The dual back camera though is more discrete and stylish, but after a few years of corner placed dual cameras, is it really time for a centered one? The volume buttons on the iPhone 11 concept feel kinda small, not very ergonomic, but I’m loving the whole curved corner vibe going on here.

The facade is all glass, with the Face ID/True Depth sensors well hidden in the top part of the “forehead”. I doubt this will happen in 2018, so it’s maybe 2019 or 2020 material. The frame is probably still made of stainless steel, which looks a bit cheap to me, but I haven’t heard any reviewer say that about the iPhone X. Judging the reflection of the back side, it seems to be covered with glass again, but you know what would be cool?

A sort of metal “Platinum” version like the one that Sony Xperia Z5 had back in its day.

[via Ph Concepts]

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