iPhone 11 Concept by Michael Muleba Features Wraparound Display

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It’s been a while since we covered the revolutionary concepts of designer Michael Muleba, but today we have a fresh one. It’s an iPhone 11 concept, that stands out through its wraparound display. This means we get two extra touch areas: the sides.

We’ve heard of this idea before: replacing the volume and Power button with tactile side areas, but we’re not totally sold on the concept. That’s because we’ve seen HTC trying it out on the U12+ with some capacitive/touch buttons and it didn’t work out fine. The buttons were unresponsive, the feedback was too much weird electrical contacts happened with the back side.

Michael Muleba also pot a side screen on the device for volume control, settings, brightness and another second screen for notifications. I see there’s a dual front camera cut in the screen panel, like the Galaxy S10+ and a very protruding back camera, that may host triple sensors. At the back side there’s that second screen for email, notifications and info at a glance.

Also it seems that the frame is not fully tactile, just the upper part of the sides, which is smart, since you need to grip the device with the lower part. Not a bad idea, but the cameras need more finishing touches.

[via Michael Muleba]

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