iPhone 11 Concept Has Projector, Triple Camera, More Goodies (Video)

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The idea of a projector phone gets tried out every two years or so, either by a battery phone maker, or by a big brand willing to flex its muscles. I know Samsung had one and Eastern European company Allview had one. Motorola also had one via a Moto Mod module. Now the iPhone 11 gets this treatment, courtesy of designer Hasan Kaymak and ConceptsiPhone.

We’ve seen quite a few iPhone 11 concepts, but none of them had some much stuff crammed on board. First of all, the battery gets a serious bump to 4150 mAh, while the screen stays with a typical 5.8 inch OLED approach. The device’s frame feels a bit like the iPhone 5 and SE, while the Lightning port is replaced by an USB Type-C for some reason.

The projector mode looks pretty badass and there’s obviously a sort of stand or support propping the device up. It’s actually 4 projection sources, two for the interface and two for a virtual keyboard, creating a desktop replacement. The triple back camera seems to lay flush with the back, so it doesn’t protrude, which is always good news.

Not a big fan of its design, or the lack of LED flash. The back side opens up for some reason, but that’s probably the kickstand for projection. I also see they put two front cameras for selfies, which are somehow hidden within the device and pop up with sliders. The projectors also appear with sliding parts. A very complicated machine, this iPhone 11!

[via ConceptsiPhone/ Hasan Kaymak]

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