iPhone 12 Flip Gets a Trailer, Obviously It’s a Foldable Clamshell

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Judging by all the rumors we have now, Apple is going to launch a foldable iPhone most likely in 2021, if not, maybe 2022. The pandemic will definitely have a say in this… Till that happens, we have concepts and renders, like the brand new one shown below, for the iPhone 12 Flip.

The creation of ConceptsiPhone, the device is definitely aligned with the current trends. Well, if you look at Moto RAZR 2019 and Galaxy Z Flip at least. Honestly, I feel like I’ve seen this design before. It’s got a triple back camera with an iPhone 11 style setup, give or take a LiDAR sensor. It folds down the middle and at a quick glance it looks like your average iPhone, perhaps narrower. I see we also get an external screen, definitely bigger than the Moto RAZR 2019.

What I like about this phone is that it’s not afraid to be chunky, phat, thicc. That means we get the best parts, extra battery and a solid build, compared to the slim foldables out there. I also like that there’s zero crease on the screen, which sounds like a feat hard to achieve. The hinge will definitely make or break the product, maybe also the price. With Apple being Apple, they may ask $3000 for it. I also wonder what compromises will be made and also what type of screen protection we’ll get… I think that cameras will get sacrificed first.

This design gets a solid 8 out of 10 from me.

via ConceptsiPhone

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