iPhone 12 XDR Pro is the Wheel-Based Cheese Grater Nobody Asked For (Video)

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Yeah, April’s Fools was last month and all that, but who are we to ignore an excellent trolling? We’ve just come across the iPhone 12 XDR Pro, a crazy concept creation done by Phone Industry. Twitter users are already reacting strongly to it, since it includes all the craziness of the pricy Apple desktops, like wheels and a cheese grater cooling system.

Basically, it feels like a brand new iPhone decked out with a case that’s a throwback to the 2019 Mac Pro. You know the whole crazy story with its wheels being $700 or $900… Anyway, the iPhone 12 XDR Pro even comes with handles at the top and bottom, for some reason. I’m more taken back by the good looking stereo speakers, also at the top and bottom. The dual punch hole camera is actually a pretty nifty idea and it’s very, very small and discrete compared to the previous notch.

The back camera is a little underwhelming, merely a dual shooter with a 3 year old design. It includes a wide and ultra wide lens, plus Night Mode. Typical Apple: give us a new design and old camera. By the way, this whole thing is made of recycled aluminum and it’s tough as nails. It’s got a crazy 1600 nits screen with 120 Hz refresh rate and a fingerprint scanner placed on the side from what I can see. There are no longer ports and buttons on board, which is something I’ve heard before in relation to Apple.

You can also buy “feet” or “wheels” for this crazy phone. I sense that a GIF with Ryan Reynolds asking “but why?” is imminent. Just a troll folks, but a well done one!

via Phone Industry

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