iPhone 13 Rumored to Come in Rose Pink, Rendered by Artist

If you’ve heard of “Marvel fatigue”, what do you think we could call a way too large number of renders constantly leaking for unlaunched devices? It could be called “iPhone 13 fatigue” with ease and today’s render/leak has to do… with a color. Apple always chooses one fancy new color for its iPhone generation.

Two years ago it was Midnight Green for the iPhone 11 Pro and in 2020 we had a special kind of Blue, Pacific Blue. Now Rose Pink is the special shade chosen for the new iPhone 13 series. This follows the colors chose for the new iMac and iPads. Today came the news that the OLED screens for the iPhone 13 series entered production this month. This means that the iPhone 13 series is on track for a September release. Blog Naver, citing Chinese supply sources claims that the upcoming 2021 iPhones will have a new color option.

That’s Rose Pink and the report also included the artist rendition of the rumored color for the standard and Pro models. All 4 models of the iPhone 13 will get a Rose Pink color. This year we’re also getting 120 Hz screens, a larger camera module, which is also thicker, plus Sensor Shift stabilization on all 4 models. Upgraded lenses will be included. Honestly, this baby pink hue feels like too much for me, but the feminine audience may love it. I also expect cases and more accessories to match the color.

via mysmartprice

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