iPhone 13: Top 5 New Features for Students

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Perhaps, only quite a few modern students can imagine themselves without modern gadgets. Whether they use them for educational purposes, for communication, or entertainment, smartphones, smartwatches, and powerful laptops are some attributes of young people today. And indeed, staying in trend and being dynamic is important for youth for a number of reasons. Yet, when choosing a new phone to carry along, it is very important to consider all its pros and cons in order to invest in something really useful. For iPhone 13, that would be exactly such an investment.

The Hidden Details

The modern world dictates our gadgets to be powerful, that’s a fact. With so many things to do, even such small tech pieces as mobile phones must be just as powerful as some top computers. Whether you’re browsing the internet searching for professional translation websites or capturing a fun moment with your friends, the gadget must perform at the top of its capabilities. Thankfully, with iPhone 13’s A15 Bionic processor, you essentially get that power in the palm of your hand.

Now, the societal opinions regarding Apple and iPhones, in particular, might be radically different, even controversial at times. Yet, one thing is certain, with every new incarnation of this fancy smartphone, the company manages to bring some awesome improvements. They might not be evident at first or even in the short run, but they are usually observed after you get used to the device. Here’s what students can carry out from the new and extra powerful iPhone 13.

  1. Long battery life. When you’re on the go all the time, it’s important that your phone has a strong battery that keeps your device operating for as long as possible. That’s why Apple invested in this well, providing their iPhone 13 with a powerful 3,227 mAh battery that keeps the phone working for 13 hours in a video streaming mode and even longer so during audio or video playback. So, there will be much more to discover and experience.
  2. New cameras. iPhone cameras have always been subject to controversy, yet this should end with iPhone 13. The Pro version of the new device contains 3 telephoto lens cams, thus, allowing the video and photoshoot on 15x zoom essentially without influencing the quality of the resulting picture. Now you can capture even greater moments with higher quality.
  3. New visual features. And if cameras alone don’t impress you that much, you get some impressive visual features along with them. Lots of new filters for photos as well as a truly powerful cinematic mode for videos should impress and inspire you to create your own visual masterpieces.
  4. Improved screen and graphics. The graphic department apparently got a significant raise with iPhone 13 as the screen and its capabilities have been seriously improved. The new fancy screen of the phone now has a stunning 120 Hz refresh rate, which can be compared to the full-scale modern LED screens. Backed by a powerful processor mentioned earlier, iPhone 13’s graphics will definitely amaze you with its richness of color and resolution.
  5. Powerful processor. The amazing A15 Bionic processor has already been mentioned earlier, but it’s certainly worth its own separate listing. Nothing much to say about this one, yet you’ll certainly feel it. With the performance this little wonder guarantees, you’ll have little to no delays while processing your pictures, playing games, downloading something, or performing any other serious task.

No Rotten Apples Here

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As it can be seen, many advantages of the new iPhone 13 are rather subtle. You have to be a tech expert or someone who’s really into the iPhone to tell the difference immediately. Yet, as you use your device for some time, you’ll note those advantages as well. If you’re searching for a powerful and modern device that would satisfy most of your digital needs as a student, you certainly can’t get wrong with the iPhone 13.


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