iPhone 2020 is Back in More Renders, Specs

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The 2019 iPhone 11 is pretty much a familiar face by now, with its triple camera arranged like a triangle of big lenses at the back. This time we get to talk about the iPhone 12 or the iPhone 2020 as some people have nicknamed it. It’s courtesy of the latest renders coming in from Ben Geskin, shown below.

This time we get a more finalized and refined design compared to the last time the designer tackled this device. The new design is inspired by the iPad Pro and the device includes what Ben calls a “ProMotion OLED display”. My guess is that it’s going to increase its touch sampling to ROG Phone 2 240 Hz levels. At the back we find a quad camera with a Time of Flight sensor added to the three sensors from this year.

The notch gets smaller and smaller and inside there’s a 5 nm A14 CPU, also expected. 5G is a given and the big move from USB Type-C to Lightning finally happens. The camera protrusion shown here is actually pretty big and I knew that Apple was working on a way to properly hide it. If they’re able to do that or not… we don’t know. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I’d say that those big lenses need to be hidden somehow… Also the iPad Pro inspiration sounds like an interesting idea.

[via Ben Geskin]

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