iPhone 3G Concept Looks Great

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Seems that there’s been an iPhone 3G design contest going on and we weren’t aware of that. We’ve got 3 great pics showing you what the iPhone 2.0 should look like. They were posted on Flickr by the user youngSPACE:


There’s also a specs list mentioned, that includes a sturdy titanium and glass design, an OLED screen, True GPS, iChat camera, 3G data speed and a removable battery (yay!). Add a standard headphone jack to that and a 3.2 megapixel camera that’s also video capable and a 32GB internal memory and we’ve got a hit.


The iPhone 2.0 also includes a Sleep Wake button, 2 neat speakers and it measures 4.5 inches (height), 2.4 inches (width) and 9mm (thickness).


[found on Flickr]