New iPhone 4G Concepts: Ultra, Deluxe, iGame and iPhone Long

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Around Christmas time, in 2008 we found a couple of brilliant iPhone concept designs, that we loved and never thought we’d see something better, at least for a few months. Now, in February 2009, we’ve got a bunch more iPhone concepts, each looking better than the previous one. The handset below is an iPhone Ultra:


iPhone Ultra features a sturdy Titanium and Glass casing, an OLED display and 64 GB of internal memory. Beneath the case there’s a 1.2 GHz processor and the concept’s specs list also includes a 5.2 megapixel camera, 4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth 10x and iPhone OS 2.7.

The battery of the phone will provide energy for 18 hours of video playback and 48 hours of audio playback. Here’s iPhone 4G Ultra performing the good old Google Search:


Next comes iPhone Deluxe or Luxe with an incredible 128 GB memory and dark casing with mauve decorations. Luxe can get turned into an gaming device (iGame), by attaching a keyboard and directional pad plus an action buttons pad to it, as you’ll see below.

Last, there’s iPhone Long Future, a concept iPhone that reminds me of another prototype, an Intel phone that was shown many months ago during a tech show.  All of these designs were created by hdi, who did a splendid job.




[via Mobilewhack]

  • Anonymous

    those phones are bad assssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bennett

    Personally I like the Igame it looks bad ass its like the iphone mixed with a gaming controller =D I like it lol

  • ikili

    the new iPhone ultra 4g looks amazing, sounds even better in so far as it’s capabilities go, and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of them!!!

  • Thea

    I like iPhone Luxe!

  • (.)

    luxe have better color than ultra, maybe ultra should have luxe’s color. i don’t like igame ! and the long one, it looks like a tv remote

  • dontworrie

    the igame looks amazing but would be great if u could pick your own led color purple just isnt my style

  • dontworrie

    i think the long one would break to easly and its to big for your pocket

  • mike

    yea luxe is bad as hell….. no game, the iphone should never flip or slide, thats so lame

  • Royal Nails & Facial

    I don’t know when the new iphone 4G come out,
    new iPhone ultra 4g looks amazing, sounds even better in so good it’s capabilities go, and I can’t wait to get my hands waiting waiting for veryday to come out….

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  • Viper

    iPhone Ultra: boring colour, classic iPhone design… too safe, bolder choices of colour should give it a fresh twist
    iPhone Luxe: great features for people who want to have everything because they don’t really know exactly what they want or just want to show off
    iPhone long future: will destroy apple’s legacy of inventing groundbreaking designs

  • jossie

    no way me too i cant wait till it comes out 😀

  • Harri2090

    Will any of these iPhones be made they r minted

  • Anonymous

    iPhone Luxe is a Gangster

  • lukas

    the Iphone ultra is the most realistic

  • kevin

    itd be cool if (like a alienwear computer u could choose wat colr u want at any time. one day u could make it glow green, the next red or blue. the more options the better.

  • enrique

    i vote for the ultra

    its the only concedible

    and the luxe one desing rock but it have lack of reality

  • leanwest

    whats is the difference between the ultra and luxe? It comes in 2010 at the same time..?


    the iPhone deluxe or Luxe go to hard! that is a bad ass phone! I agree with the person who said that a slider would be lame! it is lame! I think apple should not even consider that nor the igame thing. that just ruins the phone. I do think that the LED light thing on the Deluxe should change colors. and the one that looks like a remote needs to disappear like all my tv

  • Julito

    The Ultra’s color is kinda lame.

    The Luxe is awesome but it be awesomer if u could change the glow color.

    The long one sucks.Period.

    The iGames is astronoshing!!! exept they should sell it as a phone . Just a gaming console.

    The Qwerty keyboarded one is astonoshing! Exept if it’s for gaming the iGame wouldn’t sell so much. but they should sell it with keyboard. Its awesome!!! better writing

  • Julito

    Are you crazy!!!!!!!
    they should tottally sell the igame!!!
    It’s awesome.Period
    plus, with the keyboard you wouldnt have so much grammar and writing errors silly!!!

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  • kieron

    the iphone luxe looks amazing i cant wait till it comes out so i can get 1

  • susan

    ik wil de Iphone luxe hij is mega vet !! 😀

  • Anoymous

    Your iPhone 4g Ultra sounds like a possible concept for 2012. We may b lucky enought to get 128gb and 720p video support by then. The iPhone 4g Ultra will also use UWB (Ultra Wide Band) for wireless syncing with new macs and improved peer to peer gaming. There will also probally be wireless charging support built in with a wireless charging pad dock. This dock would have UWB 2 stream video and sync wirelessly while charging or via cables for people who haven’t upgraded tvs, macs, pcs etc

  • ghostaliaz

    I personally like all of the concept designs. To me they are all flowing with class & totally bad a** & if they came out I would probably by each & every one & my wallet would not be happy, but my Techno lust would be doing marvelous. (Yeah & The True Computer Geeks Will Inherit The World) & the world will be ours-ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

  • LilyKisses

    I like the Luxe. Besides the fact that the home button looks gay and so is the purple logo, it still looks kick-ass. Also the profile looks hideous. Why is there an SD card? That’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard of! And I doubt it will hold 128 gigs, if anything it will probably hold 64.

    The ultra just looks weird. What’s with the white coating? And the iGame also looks bad. It looks like it will break any second now. Also, the Long is just retarded. It will never take off. It looks like it came from outer space or something.

  • Bas

    Omg, Black with Purple!
    Beautiful combination!

  • james braselton

    hi there how come the 4G iphone luxe has 128 gb ssd flash drive and the apple ipad tablet has only a 64 gb ssd flash drive come on a 9.7 inch led multi-touch scren A4 cpu 16 gb 32 gb or 64 gb ssd flash drive

  • phaaxil



  • Seeker

    iPhone Ultra features a sturdy Titanium and Glass casing, an OLED display and 64 GB of internal memory. Beneath the case there’s a 1.2 GHz processor and the concept’s specs list also includes a 5.2 megapixel camera, 4G connectivity, WiFi, Bluetooth 10x and iPhone OS 2.7.
    WoW!!! 1.2 GHZ Processor, how are they able to keep the processor cool without a cpu heat sink and fan to dissipate the heat? Interesting!

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  • hamit rashid alerkidov popaj

    I still dont have the first i phone.. and they bring they 4.Th verion lol! im realy a poor ass!

  • ultra is best and all the other products are worst the iphone is famous for its size that means its look slim but the iphone luxe is that much of fat

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  • James. Braselton

    hi there wow how did i miss the sd card slot lets see 128 gb flash drive with a 64 gb sdxc card thats 192 gb of flash storage not 64 gb some one missed data storage buy 2/3

  • Look at this, iPhone 5 ic coming

  • Hmm i downt undestand..whats is the difference between the ultra and luxe? I think both came 2010 at the same time or?

  • Jenny

    okay, i have some questions:
    1. what’s the phone with the slide out keyboard called?
    2. are all of these 4G phones carried by verizon?
    3. do you know of the apple verison iphone lite, and is that a 4G phone?
    4. when exactly will these be available ane what will their prices be?

  • Maaster

    hey those are just creative imaginations!!!!
    Slide-out display: luxe
    …I dont think that 4G comes before 2012…
    perhaps in iPhone 6

  • Anonymous

    pff you guys

  • criscilla

    weell these look to good to be true but forget it these are awsome i have A question for you guys have these came out yet?

  • gb brohi

    its a nice fone but i need more than this.

  • nalgas


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