iPhone 5 Commercial Reveals Transparent Phone With Quad Core CPU (Video)

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Dakota Adney created a very interesting iPhone 5 commercial, actually using a concept iPhone. This is a transparent phone with a projector system for the virtual keyboard and a quad core CPU inside. The laser projection keyboard seems pretty comfortable and the handset is incredibly thin.

The transparent screen area comes into play nicely when taking pictures and also we’re given a showcase of some photo editing and Instagram action. iOS 6.0 is in board and the evolved Siri as well. The designer imagined a new iClear Retina Display, with sharp imagines, better resolution, transparency and augmented reality. So, we’re dealing with an all glass transparent iPhone, that adopts glass as the main material for its smoothness and firmness and the fact that it doesn’t mess with the radio signal.

Also, it makes the shell waterproof and if you want to know more about the laser keyboard, you can activate two projectors on the side of the phone and work with the virtual UI projected on the flat surface nearby. And now here’s the video:


[via ipadtreat]