iPhone 5 Concept Runs on Dual Core 1.9 GHz Samsung A8 Processor

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Alexander Black emailed met yet another iPhone 5 concept that you can see below. I was a bit puzzled by the specifications, but I guess some of them make sense… in a way. For starters, we’ve got a dual core 1.9GHz processor… a Samsung A8 that actually makes me think about an Apple A8 CPU. That’s miles away however, since Apple has only reached the A5 generation now…

The same iPhone 5 concept comes with a 10 megapixel camera at the back, a 7 megapixel camera at the front and iOS 5 as the main platform. The handset incorporates a 4.5 inch Retina Display, according to the same Alexander Black and there’s also wireless charging enabled on it. A touchpad was integrated at the back much like on the Sony PS Vita console, always a cool addition for gaming.

Last, there’s a 2100 mAh battery and if that’s replaceable we might have a hit here. Some of these feats are a bit futuristic and not well adapted to the modern requirements. For example, who would integrate a 7MP camera at the front for videocalling? I guess we’ll be stuck at a max of 2 or 3MP for another year or two, if you ask me. Also, the Apple A8 will probably be a quad core or 8 core configuration by the time this number is reached. Are we ready for a quad core iPhone?

[Thanks Alexander]

  • Bob

    This is why nobody makes edge-to-the-very-edge phones, because they look hideous. And what the hell, people are still dreaming about an iPhone 5? It didn’t come out, and it’s never going to.

  • Marcus

    I Disagree Bob, It’s obvious the iPhone 5 is coming out. Apple said so, maybe you should think before you post Non sence like that. And Edge to Edge phones Arnt that bad, I’ve seen some very impressive concepts. Nice job on making yourself look “smart” (sarcasm)

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  • jo

    omg…superb sleek
    my kind of type…

  • Hibrid

    “ddu” drop dead ugly, i hate the edge to edge

  • Small Fry

    Awaiting iphone 7 and competitors w interactive 3D holographic 1080P projection displays & keyboard, user controllable multi-frequency SDR, user selectable and interchangeable OS, 1Tb SSD, Gb/s wireless, custom crypto. 2015 too long to wait. Wish to be alive to acquire next gen smartphone (i.e. ultraphone).