iPhone 5 Concept Runs iOS 5, Supports 4G Connectivity

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Here we are again with an iPhone 5 concept, one made by JoyStudios that fits pretty well with recent rumours concerning the device. We’ve got iOS 5, 4G connectivity and NFC, for example. The handset is extremely slim at 7.2mm, becoming the thinnest smartphone in the world, like the iPhone 4 before it.

Apple iPhone 5 supports WiFi, Bluetooth 3.0 and GPS, plus it comes with an 8 megapixel camera with flash and support for 1080p video capture. Its display is an IPS screen with multitouch, a 4.2 inch diagonal and 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. The memory is either 32, 64 or 128GB and the device lacks a Home button, replaced with a new touch sensitive area.

This is probably the most accurate design fitting all rumours about the iPhone 5, but Apple is likely to add that “little extra something they always do”.

[via joystudios]

  • Sigh

    Bring something new to table. This looks essentially the same as iPhone 4.

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  • Colin

    This has nothing in common with the iPhone 4 except that people give it bad reviews. I wish this was reall coolest prototype ever

  • Rebes

    Absolutely 110% agree with Colin here. Best design I’ve seen thus far. Have Never owned a Mac product but I’d jump on the wagon for this. The motion sensor could work like palms does, with a swipe up to go to the multitasking screen, a swipe back to go back to the previous page or app, and a tap to go home. It would be amazing if Apple could bring that same sort of innovation to the table in their amazing design. Awesome. Hope this becomes the real deal.

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  • Ok so now that we seen the iPhone 5 which is now known as iPhone 4S everyone can now talk about the new iPhone 6. First it won’t have 4.2″ HD display it will have 4.5″ HD 720p display 1300×800, HD front facing recording for FaceTime HD, same 1080p with more features, 10mp cam w smile detection, image stabilization, multi shot mode, portrait mode, land scape mode, day and night mode, manual focus mode n much more, dual flash (maybe), new color available (finally), LTE 4G, 32gb, 64gb and 128gb models, thinner body at 7.2mm making it slimmest in the world again, New iMaps which will be Apple’s very own maps but won’t be at launch after iOS 6.2 software update, Siri 2.0 with choose your voice assistant, dual stereo speakers, new mic position, pressure sensor, 6 axis gyro, Auto correct upgrade, Game center new ichatroom, blogs, avatar creator and much more, FaceTime HD via iPhone HD (6gen) to iPhone HD or iMac or VGA mode, new music player, YouTube landscape mode, Lanscape mode for home screens, iOS 6 w so many features I can’t have enough space to discuss and much more surprises

  • hy
    my nam is abdelkarim
    i’m a big fun of your i phone bet onfortunatly i haven’t enauf many
    but i will bay one of your phone’s as soonest i can

  • wow okay nothin” will ever get better than this…until there’s a 5mm iPhone 6..just sayin’ really…

    mwah i love it