iPhone 5 Mockup Gives the CiccareseDesign Version a Twist

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Remember the CiccareseDesign iPhone 5 concept from a while ago? Well, together with this designer, MacRumors created a brand new mockup for a future generation of the Apple handset, with the result being shown in the pics below.

We’re dealing here with an incredibly slim handset, one that uses the already well known edge to edge display with bigger diagonal than on the iPhone 4. The Home button is also bigger now and touch-sensitive and its elongated shape may serve to let the user swipe between apps on the edges of the button.

This model is greatly inspired by the current iPod Touch, especially when it comes to the rounded shapes it includes in the design. The thickness of the smartphone is supposed to be 0.27 inches and a bit wider than the iPhone 4. Honestly, this is one of the best iPhone concepts I’ve seen, but I’m started to get tired of these iPhone 5 designs and I really want to see the real deal…

[via ispazio]