iPhone 6c is Basically the Polycarbonate iPhone 6, With a Small Twist…

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If you ask the general public, they’ll tell you the iPhone 5c was a bit of a failure, although I’ve seen the odd analyst defending the product. Even Tim Cook seems unsure that this product was a good idea. Odds of seeing the iPhone 6c are slim, but didn’t stop the designers of 3Dfuture from dreaming up a concept.

iPhone 6c concept 1

I mentioned in the title a twist and I’ll be quick to reveal it: the color of the polycarbonate body will be matched by the accent color of the Home button. The general format of the iPhone 6c copies the one of the iPhone 6, but I expect it to be a smidge thicker. There are also design cues taken from the iPhone 5c and I noticed that the device has a profile that seems to have been designed “in steps”.

Also, the bulging camera of the iPhone 6 is no longer protruding, instead it has a regular thickness. However, the main camera is a bit too close to the upper edge, so the lens almost goes past the top part of the phone. Could this phone be more of a hit than the 5c?

iPhone 6c concept 2

iPhone 6c concept 3

iPhone 6c concept 4

iPhone 6c concept 5

iPhone 6c concept 6

[via 3dfuture.net]

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