iPhone 6c Render Teased by Hass. T

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iPhone 6c has been a topic of discussion before, but today we also get a render to go with that idea. We’ve merely got a render teaser, created by Hass. T, but we’re looking forward to see the finalized device.

iPhone 6c budget phone concept

First impressions? Nokia Lumia ripoff with a trademark iPhone button strapped to it. Seeing how Lumias will probably (finally) move away from the classic Fabula design, nobody will get upset when Apple rediscovers the format. They already did that with the iPod a few years ago, right? Anyway, we don’t know much about this concept, but the designer claims the iPhone 6c is a refreshed iPhone 5c basically.

Polycarbonate case, new colors and slightly bumped up specs are expected. What would you want from the iPhone 6c?

[via Hass T]

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