iPhone 7 Concept Made by DBS is Seriously Good, Needs to Happen (Video)

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Here we go again, with the iPhone 7 concepts that are mouth watering and so good, that Apple will have a very hard time churning out something half as decent as them. This time the DBS team created the iPhone 7 render below, with video included.

iPhone 7 concept may 2016 DBS (1)

We’re dealing with a beast of a phone with 3D Touch in the mix, 4K display and iOS 10. Storage goes up to 512 GB and we get a crazy 6 GB of RAM. A deca core CPU and 5000 mAh battery take the specs to the stratosphere. The device has a dual back camera and moves its antenna lines to the top. This model shows notifications on the sides and has virtual volume buttons integrated in side screens.

iPhone 7 concept may 2016 DBS (3)

The display is clearly an edge to edge one and I don’t get why the Home button was kept, seeing how LG cracked the inclusion of the fingerprint scanner within this button. 4K video recording at 120 FPS is promised here, plus a 16 megapixel front camera and a 24 megapixel dual back camera. It appears that the dual side screens can be locked to prevent accidental touches.

The thing I like the most here is the back of the phone, that looks pretty close to what Apple is rumored to be preparing. The general format feels more like a Vivo or Meizu and Apple usually opts for more curves…

iPhone 7 concept may 2016 DBS (4)

iPhone 7 concept may 2016 DBS (2)

[via DBS]

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